Iran is probably the world’s most disliked and misunderstood country today. This stems from various causes, including Iran’s controversial international policies and its unstable president, who openly expresses his hatred towards America and Israel. For several decades, Iran’s Shiite clerical establishment has proven extremely effective at mobilizing the Iranian masses, enforcing extremely strict Islamic rule of law throughout the land and oppressing the population. Unfortunately, today’s mass media focuses on these aspects of a country which has one of the oldest and richest cultures known to humankind. Iran’s people are highly educated with a love for the arts, literature, poetry and culture. Hardworking, life-loving and warm hearted, Iranians are very much in need of change, of a new era. They experience many forms of censorship, and are not always able to express themselves or stand up for what they truly believe in. This series of photos depict the human experience, the heart and soul of the people of Iran, who are living as if imprisoned, but with the hope of experiencing freedom one day.